Monday, 19 January 2009

Order of titles:

Lord of War:

Nicolas Cage (Actor)
Lord of War (Name of film)
Jared Leto (Actor)
Bridget Moynahan (Actor)
Ian Holm (Actor)
Eamonn Walker (Actor)
Sammi Rotibi Eugene Lazarev (Two actors names)
Jean-Pierre Nshanian Shake Toukhmanian (Two actors names)
and Ethan Hawke (and Actor)
Casting by Mindy Marin C.S.A. (Casting)
Music by Antonio Pinto (Music)
Costume Designer Elisabetta Beraldo (Costume)
Edited by Zach Staenberg A.C.E. (Editing - Note, says 'Edited', not 'Editor')
Production Designer Jean Vincent Puzos (Production Design)
Director of Photography Amir Mokri (Photography Director)
Executive Producer Ronaldo Vasconcellos (Production)
Douglas E-Hansen Co-producer (Production - Note, name and job swap sides)
Executive Producers Fabrice Gianfermi Bradley Cramp Gary Hamilton (Production)
Exectutive Producers Christopher Eberts Andreas Schmid Michael Mendelsohn James D. Stern (Production)
Producers Nicolas Cage Norm Golightly (Prodution)
Producers Andy Grosch Chris Roberts (Production)
Produced by Philippe Rousselet Andrew Niccol (Production)

City of God:

Miramax Films Presents (Production company name)
A Film By Fernando Meirelles
Alexandre Rodrigues (Actor)
Leandro Firmino (Actor)
Phellipe Haagensen Sue Jorge Alice Braga (Three actors names)
City Of God (Film name - Note, far less credits)

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