Sunday, 25 January 2009

Making Machinima and Using MovieStorm

Below is the short MovieStorm movie I made. It consists of an attempted murder (even though the theme isn't exactly original). It turned out rather well, however due to the computer slowing to almost a halt it made editing difficult. It became so slow that even the simplest of actions was made near impossible.

However, aside from the slowness the program was easy to use and nothing was made too complicated. The characters generally good at following commands and I only had to fix some mistakes that they made a couple of times. However, sometimes the characters would put their limbs through themselves and such glitches occured rather often. Others included people running through walls and limbs being stretches extensively.

The camera angle editor is very easy to master and efficient. It allowed to very easily get some good camera shots that looked proffesional. Along with the number of miniature animations available to control your characters with the film actually turned out rather well.

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Matt Kelland said...

Glad you found it easy to use, and looking forward to seeing what else you come up with!