Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Key Frames and Film Stills

Today we drew up some Film stills. These were taken from or Key Frames sheet of paper.

The Key Frames sheet was drawn the day before. It consisted of nine of the most important shots that we would be having in our title sequence. It made us think more carefully about the more important features of our sequence by making us draw them out. This helps as it is easy for someone to say that an idea is 'in my head', however when you come to write it down it often becomes apparent how sketchy that idea was. Putting detail to your ideas is vital as it really lets you explore your own ideas as well as someone elses (if you're helping in their production).

Drawing key frames gets you to put your sequence in order and really work out when and where all these ideas are going.

The Film Stills asked us to take our three favourite stills from the Key Frames sheet, and draw them up bigger and in greater detail. Doing this was harder than I thought it would be as I had to pay close attention to matching what was on the Key Frames sheet to the Film Stills sheet. Buildings and scenery had to be in the right places, and to scale. The scale part was often difficult and making things look good is even harder. I makes you think a lot more about the detail of the scenery and what sort of atmosphere was set by your Mood Board that you should reflect in your introduction sequence.

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