Thursday, 15 January 2009

AS Thriller Opening Analysis

This is a student made AS thriller introduction.

The sequence starts with several tracking and panning shots revealing pipe-work and industry like equipment. The first shot is a track from right to left. This movement suggests that something bad is going to happen soon in the film. The shots are well though out and have nice locations, but are sometimes ruined by the camera being a bit shaky. However, they set the scene nicely.

It then cuts to a lower body shot of a man wearing a trench coat. The audience does not yet know whether this individual is a good or bad guy, he walks off to the left, must be bad. More credits start to appear on screen. It cuts to a nice slanted shot of him going up some stairs. However it breaks the 180 degree rule by spinning that far. It is possible that he had to walk that way to go up the stairs, but since the audience weren't show him turning, it is still broken.

The camera then tracks back down the stairs to reveal an injured man (obviously wounded by the trench coat wearing baddie). A slow motion shot follows of the bad guy walking away from the camera. The fact we haven't seen his face in this long suggests further that he is evil, and not to be trusted.

More slow motion shots (which by now have been over-used in my oppinion) of the injured man trying to run somewhere the audience isn't sure of yet. The music climaxes in nostalgia as he runs, creating a seemingly sad atmosphere. However the mistake they made is asking the audience to feel sorry for someone they have never seen before. Something that just doesn't happen. The audience have never heard this man speak, yet the music depicts it as being the saddest moment in the film. However, it still shows a man struggling for his life well.

Then it cuts to a nice shot (I'm assuming it's supposed to be first-person of the man walking) looking at the ceiling. The credit is in a nice, readable position.

The rest of the sequence goes on in much the same way, with utter over-use of slow motion, and repeated camera shots with not much happening, then finally ending with a very fake death at the front of the building.

In all the film was okay, and have some nice ideas. However, it was weighed down with repetition and not much happening, along with a copious use of slow motion.

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