Friday, 9 January 2009

Blade Runner Introduction Sequence

The intro above is Blade Runner (Note, this is not the real Blade Runner introduction sequence, but a student made alternative version of it). The introduction to this film does well to set the scene of a bleak future. It uses several shots looking down at various pavements/roads. The weather if terrible, setting a bleak atmosphere for the film.

The audience is given an example of this being futuristic as the credits roll on. They are composed as LCD lights, such as the ones seen in Las Vegas. These are seen to be (especially when the film was released) very modernised. However when introduced with the setting they seem dark and depressing.

Adding to this, the credits leave sight by flickering and dying, demonstrating a breaking world. Which is to show that this dystopian world could very easily come to be like this dingy city we see in the film. This gives the audience another sence of depth and a connection to this future.

The music enters as the first credit reaches almost centre screen. It is dark music, adding to the depressing nature of the sequence. A low drum beat, to, yeat again create tension.

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