Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Metro Golden Mayer Logo

Due to the logo I showed in my last post being uncompromisingly simple, I have decided to write about this logo instead. Metro Golden Mayer have one of the most famous logos ever created. Shown below this iconic ident was used for many of the older James Bond films.

The logo may have been created by the lion being sat in front of a green screen. Then filmed for a long period of time. After this the footage would be put onto a computer and an editor would have selected the legendary snippet that you see in the finished logo. The editor would have then colour-keyed out the green background, replacing it with black.

Before all of this however the static part of the logo would have been designed (and most probably finished). The clearly virtual film reel may have been made my simply editing and manipulating shapes and colours to get the finished look of the reel. The first plan would have been sketched and copied of this design.

You can see a lot of pre-thought went into the making of this logo, as, just below the lion there is some sort of mask. Very unnoticeable but a very nice touch. It is not something that would have just been thrown in as an after-thought.

Around the top of the circle that contains the lion are words. They may have been placed on when making the film reel, or they could have been typed and curved around the dome afterwards.

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