Wednesday, 4 February 2009


I am looking for a dark figure for my main character. Ideal for this would be a leather jacket/Matrix style trench coat. Dark jeans (possibly black) and black shoes. I will also need a battered wallet, and something that represents a police badge.

For the injured buisness man, I will be needing a suit. I also need to be able to tear up that suit. He may also have a breifcase (to add more mystery to it). As the camera will be slightly far away I won't be putting any blood on him, but just in case I change my mind, the mixture would be: Golden syrup, red food colouring and water.

For the two 'chasers' they should be dressed dark, but fassionably. They should also have a hint of smartness about them, such as a shirt on.

For three of the characters I will also be needing guns. I have two already, and possibly a third, so this shouldn't be a problem.

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