Wednesday, 25 February 2009

My rough cut version of my introduction sequence...

This is the rough cut of my film. I need to add some sound (and get rid of some sound in other parts). I also want to adjust the effects and possibly reorder/change the credits (for example, I want to change the name of the film). So far I have used almost all of my footage. I think it turned out rather well, other than some of the footage being a bit jolty.

The silence is nice in some points too, and I think the simple sound of the feet improves the overall feel. I want to add music/sound to the first fourty seconds or so of the video, and also at the end. I'm also looking to add some more to the very end of the video, to give an outro, to the intro so to speak.

I need to fix the alignment of the credits with the video as well. (For example, on the scene with the stairs, the credits come in a fraction of a second before the black background comes in.

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