Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Credits I'm going to use

The following are the credits (hopefully in order) that I'm going to use for my introduction sequence.

David Cage (Actor)
Birth of Ending (Name of film)
Pippa Heath (Actor)
Donnie Kruger (Actor)
Oliver Waston (Actor)
Blinky Jones (Actor)
Casting by Max Phillips C.S.A. (Casting)
Music by Leon Light-Lopez (Music)
Costume Designer Matthew McAndrews (Costume)
Production Designer Josh Hamilton (Production Design)
Edited by Alexander Matthews.(Editing - Note, says 'Edited', not 'Editor')
Director of Photography Christopher Lite (Photography Director)
Executive Producer Tom Piper (Production)
Dean Walker Co-producer (Production - Note, name and job swap sides)
Produced by Andrew Reefe (Production)
Directed by Xander Whitcombe (Director)

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