Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Possible major issues:

3 Major Issues:

1: I have to use a gun in a public place. This may be seen as being anti-social or even illegal.

Possible solutions:
- Green screen the man with the gun onto the street.
- Put up signs/posters around different locations (in the vicinity) warning people that filming is in progress.
- Having someone warning people entering the area that filming is in progress and not to be alarmed.
- Use camera shots to suggest a gun , but never actually see it.
- Film the bits with a gun in a far more secluded location.

2: As I'm trying to make the setting of the sequence at night, I need to find a way for the lighting to be correct.

Possible solutions:
- I could film at dawn or dusk and adjust the light levels in editing to make it seem darker. *Dave could probably help me with this.*
- I could film at night and then use a large torch to make the whole area brighter.
- I could green screen the street, however this may look slightly tacky.
- I could find a bench (my setting) that is under a lamp post, so that the scene is lit by the setting.

3: I hope to find a good location to film my sequence. However, it's going to be hard to find exactly what I'm looking for. I fear if I don't, the sequence will look bad.

Possible solutions:
- Green screen the street (again, this would probably look tacky).
- Scout heavily around Cambridge and close areas. *Ask people who live in Cambridge if they know of anywhere such as where I'm looking for*
- Film somewhere that looks similar and then edit in the street.

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