Sunday, 1 March 2009


Some of the shots I included in this film were inspired by; 28 Weeks Later (The short tracking shots), Shoot 'Em Up (The slow zoom of man sitting down) The Usual Suspects (The side track of the feet), James Bond films (The style of music. Guitar heavy and powerful riffs) and some shots that I can't remember where I got them from, but I know some of which were inspired by a program/film that I have seen. (Such as the bullet flying into the screen and the zoom in on the police badge).

I have clear social groups in the film. The first being the man in a suit. He is represented as a buisness man because of his dress, and the breifcase he is carrying confirms this whilst also creating intruigue for the audience by the fact he is holding it in a protective stance. (Arms wrapped around it).

The second social group being the thugs chasing him. I have given them a bouncer type look by placing them in casual trousers, but putting shirts on their top-half therefore giving them that casual/smart look. The actors for those parts were chosen as they are the fastest sprinters. This makes the scene where you see the man in the suit and the thugs chasing him all in one shot have more tension.

The final social group is the cop. He is off duty and looks run-down and scruffy. His leather jacket represents him as being quite tough and the hat he wears so he can hide himself, and give him more of an 'undercover' look. His braveness in the face of danger is represented when one of the thugs comes up to him and cocks his gun. He reveals no trace of fear and stares him in the eyes with a dead pan face.

My target audience for the film are all males. Between the ages of 15 and 50. The film was designed to take the mickey of its own genre. A hard-nut cop who has to make the hardest decision of his life whilst getting involved in a copious number of gunfights along the way. It if a film made just for fun, and for people to enjoy and laugh at, whilst bringing some emotion into the madness. The film industry I would imagion to distribute would be one that focuses just such a genre.

My audience is attracted primerily by the fact that a gun is fired and someone is killed within the first three minutes of the film. Also by the form of editing style making the fast cuts from loud noise to silence and then back to loud noise exciting for those watching. It makes the audience see that something is about to happen and that their thirst for action will be satified soon.

I have very much improved my skills with Final Cut Express and After Effects in the making of the film. I was helped by some and worked some things out for myself in the editing process. When working things out for myself I found I gained a much better insight into how to do it, however from lack of time, sometimes I had to ask someone who knew how to help me.

From the continuity task I learnt a lot. I realised that in the footage on it's own there were some bits that didn't work with the flow of the sequence and I cut out. Such as I found I had a bit of footage which showed the thugs running from right to left rather than vice versa. I got rid of this footage as it completely destroyed the continuity of the sequence.

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