Sunday, 1 March 2009

The characters

Character 1:

Main - Sebastian Fox. An undercover cop for several years, hardened by all the things he is seen. He is very good at what he does and keeps himself to himself. Is very quiet, but unusually clever. Is good with words and has a way of working himself out of situations. At the beginning of the film is in a relationship with a woman whome he cares about very much and would die to protect. He doesn't tollerate anyone who throws their weight around, uses weapons to intimmidate or is impolite. He has a strct moral code which he finds he may have to break in the course of the film. Is working undercover for a terrorist organization run by Max Scarr, the most notorious criminal/terrorist in the city.

Character 2:

Bad Thug - Kirk Smithson (Viewer never finds out name.) A man who is everything Fox isn't, and all he hates. Enjoys intimmidating people and loves to execute people who show fear towards him. Is a hired grunt and is easily distracted. Hired by Max Scarr to assasinate Eli Matterson. Unknown to Fox about the connection, Smithson is killed at the beginning of the film by Fox. This sets off the course of events which leads to Fox being discovered.

Character 3:

Good character - Eli Matterson. A buisnessman who has been handed with a brefcase containing a deadly toxin. He is asked to take the breifcase to a specified location with a aid of a convoy. The two thugs hit the convoy and kill everyone escorting him. This gives him time to make a breif getaway but is followed closely behind by the two thugs. This is when the film starts. He becomes friends with Fox and is seen a bit in the film helping him to bring down Scarr. Below is the only photograph taken of him. It was taken by a terrorist agent trying to discover his identity. He snapped the photograph and tried to run. He was killed but not before he wired the photograph into Scarr's possesion. With this photo he tracked down Matterson, and sent two ment to kill him. (The thugs)

Character 4:

Bad/Good Thug - John Hughes. Quite a tall person. Hughes starts off the film as a hired thug working with Smithson to kill Matterson. He is shot by Fox, but Fox spares him. After the event he is re-hired by Scarr and told to kill Fox. When the opportunity presents itself he shows more compassion than him profile suggests and pays Fox the same respect he showed him by saving his life. He continues to work with Fox to bring down Scarr, is killed near the end of the film by one of Scarr's men.

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