Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Underground Television Shows

Today we had the task of making a map of the underground which linked together as many television shows as possible. We did this by placing names of television dramas in place of the stations, at each intersection we had to think about linking one genre of television shows to another. We had to sort through as many shows as possible placing all of them at the different stations until we had an entire map of the underground replaced with a linking network of television dramas.

We encountered some problems, such as the confusion about which show we would have at King's Cross station. This had to interlink six different genres of show into one. It took a while for us to choose what drama to put there. Then we had to sort out all of the other links to the other television shows. We had to be careful we didn't label a line with any genre that was too vague or we wouldn't have been able to put anything from that genre anywhere else, which created several problems for us when choosing what to name the different lines.

I was set the task of finding as many Crime Dramas as I could (I was asked for about sixty). Then, when finished I had to sort as many as I could into sub-catagories. The rest of the class generally worked well with each other and there was plenty communication between everyone. We managed to work out some of the map and what shows to put there. The biggest problem was getting everybody to work together properly as a team. In the end however, we managed everything pretty well.

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