Tuesday, 25 November 2008

King's Cross

The television show 'House M.D.' can be linked to about six different genres of drama:
Medical - As it is a medical show when it comes down to it.
Romantic - Not many dramas that aren't to do with Romance.
Religion - It often shows the sides of doubt and belief elements to do with religion, it is a strong topic in the show.
Comedy - It's sharp with and endless sarcasm points it towards the comedic side of the underground.
Heavy/Drama - The show can in itself be quite dark and depressing ranging from such matters as being unable to adopt a baby to death and despair.
Detective - On several occasions the show (involving the main characters House and Wilson) has been compared to Sherlock Holmes (Involving the characters Holmes and Watson). It is very much to do with being a detective type as it is a show about 'Medical mysteries'.

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