Sunday, 14 December 2008

Lego animation success.

There are several animations on YouTube that, despite not being particularly good, have several thousands of hits. An example of a couple is:

The video has nearly 258,000 hits. Its publicity is helped by the tags, battle, war and fight. These are popular search topics considering humans obsession with wars and trying to kill each other. Therefore, having such words in tabs will give one more hits from people who probably weren't really looking for anything to do with lego, but decided to click on it as it looked interesting.

This second video, despite being quite amateurish, has nearly 860,000 hits. However, it has no random tags attatched to it. This being said, the tags: 'Legion' and 'Confederacy' might bring up quite a few hits. As well as 'Animation' being another poular tag.

Other poular tags include such things as 'Short film' or 'funny'. Also, yes, I did even find on with 'Paris Hilton' as a tag. It had many, many views.

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